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So why is Dony exporting antibacterial cloth face mask for you to the USA and Europe

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face mask to the US together with Europe?
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Over the increasingly complicated COVID 19 era, with government together with CE and FDA verifications, Dony antibacterial gauze masks were the choice regarding a huge number in the USA and The eu. So that you can increase the ability to protect against and even combat epidemics, it is definitely increasingly spreading with a large scale.

So why will be Dony antibacterial cloth experience masks trusted by several in the US and Europe? We can list the reasons as follows:

Dony textile masks are preferred by simply hospitals

Inside of March 2020, the textile mask associated with Dony Outfit Co., Ltd. was given the green light by the Ministry of Health and fitness of Vietnam. After having passed Rounded 870 helping the procedure of antibacterial masks. Two big pharmaceutical companies found in Vietnam have signed long term contracts to buy 70, 1000 face masks to support medical professionals in large hospitals to be able to serve often the epidemic reduction task.

Amongst the anti-epidemic situation in Vietnam, inside the "anti-epidemic-fighting" situation, millions of hides have got done their job against saliva drops, limiting often the spread of disease. Data from countries around the particular world could be observed like of June 2020 throughout Vietnam there were being simply no deaths in the group.

Thanks to help that success, countries at the US and The european countries get access to the mask marketplace found in Vietnam. have imported more than 10 mil Dony antibacterial masks to counteract epidemics in their countries.

Dony Face mask manufacturer photo

Dony masks match intercontinental medical standards

Dony masks are made by means of the company following regarded antibacterial standards in order to gain the quality target under Decision 870 / QD BYT added in early 2020. Correctly, the solution has several standard grades. The exterior part with strong liquid resistance avoids saliva, avoiding malware through contacting on direct connection with others. This middle layer prevents airborne dirt and dust, other harmful agents throughout the air, and this inner part with antibacterial up to 99. 99% of disinfection inside the wearer's saliva.

Dony masks are made sanitary by means of E. O gasoline technology

Electronic. Um gas, ie Ethylene O2 has optimal antibacterial, virocide effect, which is trusted in medical fields. Generally for the production involving masks, protecting gear, and leather gloves.

Right after the analysis process, Mr. Pham Quang Anh rapid Director on the company affirmed that Dony's antibacterial respirator uses Elizabeth. O sterilization after wrapping to guarantee microbe or disease disease is not present and is used right from often the time of sealing peel.
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In inclusion, every stitch from the Dony antibacterial mask is painstakenly made, bringing elegance correct from the packaging associated with the solution.

Can be used sometimes washing

Contrary to disposable medical masks, Dony material masks can always be used over 30 instances after cleanup with typical soap. Especially, in this test of INTERTEK worldwide with 60 flushes, Dony's mask still presents a antibacterial rate up to 99. 9% - various comparative to a brand brand new mask. Why is Dony exporting antibacterial cloth face mask to the US and Europe brings convenience, savings, and safety to be able to customers, and is very eco friendly.

This kind of can also be thought to be a strong point connected with Dony cloth masks in comparison to different common fabric masks: This antibacterial, anti-droplet, UV-resistance continue to be guaranteed immediately after many times associated with washing.

Shut presentation process

Dony cloth masks are made by hand so they will possibly be in contact with people. Therefore, soon after product packaging and sealing using superheating, Dony will take out sealed sterilization to ensure 100% in the face masks are clean having definite health protection to get people.

Therefore, whenever opening sealed product packaging, buyers can safely make use of it right away without obtaining to pass through often the washing steps. Apart from, Dony bags are used around primary plastic to guarantee high sterility and meet the standards of the wellness ministry.

Great offer ability for this domestic and international marketplace

At the moment, with a large manufacturing plant and a large labor force, Dony Garment Co., Ltd. can deliver up to 275, 500 hides a day. That shows that the business can add to dealing with the general shortage of masks in several countries when they are in a new significant lack of masks.

That is one reason Dony has exported tens of an incredible number of Dony Mask anti-drop material antibacterial masks to typically the USA, France, Germany, England, Middle section East, Saudi Persia, Nigeria, Singapore, Japan,... Almost all Dony Mask products are certified with MAJOR REGULATORY BODIES, VOTRE, qualification from Intertek, REACH…

Certifications that Dony goggles possess been recently recognized

Learn more with regards to Dony antibacterial cloth cover up in this article:

With the Wedding ceremony of Presenting Medical Supplies to this United States, Dony introduced 100, 000 antibacterial gauze masks worth more when compared with VND 10. 5 thousand. Alleviating many businesses the fact that have signed up to provide antibacterial masks, through tests, only Dony Mask provides met the quality expectations for use in the US.

Dony photo awarded one hundred, 000 markers to the Usa

Simultaneously, businesses also actively release the particular production of epidemic assistance goods, produce quality health-related defensive clothing according to international standards to immediately meet the needs of often the group.

As a consequence, that can always be seen with good antiseptic, optimal secretion amount of resistance, reusable, high supply potential, Dony masks are full from quality to the packing of the product. Dony Dress Corp., Ltd. is extremely pleased to have added to the marketing campaign versus COVID-19 both locally and even internationally.

DONY Garment Company

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